Our event spans 3 days. On Tuesday, November 6th, we start off with an exciting tutorial day hosted by leading experts. Our conference continues on Wednesday, November 7th, and Thursday, November 8th.

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Tuesday: Tutorial Day

Tutorials are on Tuesday, Nov 6 from 9 - 12 and 13 - 16, where you can learn from gurus from around the world. Choose from 7 morning tutorials and 7 afternoon tutorials:

Morning Afternoon
How to (un)organize just about anything
Donna Maurer
Developing Enterprise Taxonomies
Theresa Regli
Advanced UI Portal Strategies Using Web 2.0 Technologies
Jim Hobart
Search Intensive -- Enterprise Search: Architecture and Products
Adriaan M. Bloem
Hooked on a feeling - Corporate weblogs
Katrine Thielke
How to reap rewards from Web Analytics
Phil Kemelor
What simplicity means and how to achieve it
BJ Fogg
Designing innovative intranets
James Robertson
Solving your toughest info problems
Bob Boiko
Web Governance: Figuring out who is in charge
Lisa Welchman
WCM Intensive: Understanding Architectures, Products and the Marketplace
Tony Byrne
Portals Intensive -- Enterprise Portal Software: Architecture and Products
Janus Boye
eGovernment, from organisation centered to citizen centered
Erik Hartman
Dorine van den Brandhof
Will your next web platform be free? A guide to the open source WCM and Web Portal Landscape
Seth Gottlieb

Wednesday: Conference Day #1

The conference is officially opened by our local Lord Mayor Nicolai Wammen.
This is followed by a brief awards ceremony for the European winners of the Intranet Innovations Awards. Presented by James Robertson of Step Two Designs, these awards celebrate innovative new approaches to the design and delivery of intranets.

During the day we explore the latest perspectives and learn from keynote presentations by Bob Boiko and BJ Fogg. On the 8 tracks you can hear several case studies from around the world  

As a delegate you can freely choose from these 8 parallel tracks:
    -  CMS Watch
    -  Development
    -  E-government
    -  Intranet
    -  MOSS 2007
    -  Strategy & Governance
    -  and 2 tracks with Sponsored Sessions
After a long conference day watch the vendors sweat in Web Idol.  
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Day 3: Conference Day #2

The day opens with a thought provoking keynote on governance by Lisa Welchman. Throughout the day you can learn about best practices and lessons learned from several case studies and international experts.

After lunch you can vote for the winner in “Pump My Website” our competition among system integrators and consultancies. Finally, please stay around for our closing town hall meeting, for an engaging, fast-paced debate on key issues discussed during the 3 days

As a delegate you can freely choose from these 8 parallel tracks:
    -  CMS Watch
    -  Communication
    -  MOSS 2007
    -  Open Source
    -  Strategy & Governance
    -  User-centred Design
    -  and 2 tracks with Sponsored Sessions


See a listing of all our speakers

We have recruited a fabulous group of speakers, who are ready to help you solve your biggest problems.
Our 80 confirmed speakers are highly experienced and carefully selected to make cmf2007 a high-quality event.

At the conference you can learn from these organizations:
    -  ABN AMRO Bank
    -  Alfa Laval
    -  BASF IT Services
    -  BBC
    -  Carlsberg
    -  Chr. Hansen
    -  Copenhagen Business School
    -  CWI (Centre for Work and Income)
    -  DR Medier (Danish Broadcast Corp.)
    -  DSB (Passenger train services in Denmark and Sweden)
    -  Electrolux
    -  Environment Agency (UK)
    -  Fiat Group
    -  Folketinget (National Parliament of Denmark)
    -  Google
    -  Jyske Bank
    -  LM Glasfiber
    -  Ministerie van Financiën (Dutch Ministry of Finance)
    -  NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)
    -  Novo Nordisk
    -  Nycomed
    -  Open University
    -  Region Hovedstaden (Capital Region of Denmark)
    -  United Nations Development Programme Vietnam


BJ Fogg Persuasion, Emotion, & Simplicity: New Insights
BJ Fogg
Author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do
Bob Boiko Leading with Information
Bob Boiko
Author of Laughing at the CIO
Lisa Welchman How Many Webmasters Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?
Lisa Welchman
Mother of Web Operations Management

Look who’s talking

Here’s 5 of our speakers this year:
Magnus Břrnes Hellevik :Web Manager, NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)
James Robertson :Australian Intranet Guru
Jérémi Joslin :eXo SaaS Product Manager, eXo Platform
Laurens van den Oever :CEO, Xopus
Steve Millidge :Member of the JSR 286 Expert Group
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Please note that all presentations will be in English.
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